We are always searching for the best people in the business. Our mission is to be the partner of choice for high quality, cost effective software and product solutions delivered as promised. This partnership requires trust and the highest level of integrity in every employee and it also requires consistent results. We are always looking for people who are:

  • Action Oriented
  • High Energy, Results Driven
  • Self Starting, Enterprising and Entrepreneurial
  • Continuously innovating and improving
  • With high expectations of themselves, their peers, and their leaders

Our goal is to build a company that you want to work for; one that is exciting, vibrant, productive and with substantial career and personal growth. And we are active participants in the betterment of the Obregon community. We play an active role in the further advancement of the local university students, teachers and citizens. It's part of our culture.

Open Positions


.NET Developer

Verifiable experience in software development. Professional with abilities of organization, order and understanding of methodologies, mainly Agile.


Project Manager (SS division)

Program execution, technical performance, program planning, customer communication, resource management, schedule tracking, quality assurance, and delivery of software development and test projects.


Test Engineer (Mid level)

Develop and test embedded software in support of Aerospace customers. 


Project Manager (PA division)

Manage the projects, oversee the technical execution of programs, prepare and execute program management plans including execution plans, technology deployment, estimating, schedules, training, quality plans, and program requirements. 


Java Developer

Professional with abilities of organization, order and understanding of methodologies, mainly Agile, SCRUM Methodology.


Tester Analyst

Work in quality aspects of the software development process to ensure adherence to customer specifications and industry standards.


Pinnacle College Project

Training program for software testing for aerospace industry.